The Indian Wealth Summit

‘How to become legendary’

The Indian Wealth Summit is a rare and unique opportunity to learn from globally renowned wealth coaches how to amplify and sustain wealth, while living the best life possible and leave a great legacy behind.

As a professional making or selling a product, providing a service or sharing your expertise, you’re generating a steady income. But if you would like to transform that income into wealth, this summit is for you. Discover that it all comes down to growth. When you grow 10x personally, as a brand, so does your business and your income. When you significantly upgrade your creativity, productivity and performance, you get to lead in your field

Wealth > Money.

This simple change in perspective can take you and your business to the next level.

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Our Past Venue

The Indian Wealth Summit is kickstarting its journey by holding its first-ever edition at the premium venue- JIO WORLD CONVENTION CENTRE, envisioned as Mumbai’s next landmark. The venue houses the largest conventions, cultural experiences, path-breaking retail and dining facilities. A one-of-its-kind kind event set in an equally premium venue gives the perfect environment to compliment your brand’s imagery and helps provide the right kind of ambience to collaborate.